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Danette xmas tree – 2012 – KRDS (Facebook PMD)

Danette’s fans were able to decorating their xmas tree… with personalized Danette-baubles and earn prizes ! I leaded this project as the head of the Sparks Business Unit. 

“KRDS and Danone Danette are lining up another year of Facebook Application strategy collaboration,  to engage and amuse over 1.4M fanbase. The Agency is successfully maintaining a long-term relationship thanks to deeper and deeper understanding of the brand’s culture. On the other hand Danette is creating an atmosphere that allows the agency to do our best to serve the popular French company on the social digital network.

The result of 2012 productive partnership is this lovely xmas app,  an awesomely cute user’ experience packed with Christmas mood and graphics display of Christmas lore… snowfall effects, mountain scenery and winterly cosy feel freshly baked by  KRDS creative talent. The social layer is even more amazing : Danette’s fans are socially decorating the xmas tree themselves! Here how it works: fans land on the app and discover a christmas tree covered with snow. Fans are prompted to pick their favourite Danette flavour and choose a line that best embodies the festive coming season. The cup is personalized with the fan’s profile picture and is added to the bottom tree branches to populate the tree along with all other Danettes chosen by the community. As days go by, the tree is growing and flowering into taller and taller tree with multicolour Danette-xmas-ball-cups: in the space of just a couple of days the tree is already counting almost 10K players, and is now topping 460 meter!   

Danettes fans are returning on the app to unlock new types of christmas ornaments and digital prizes hidden in the tree. More chance to win daily prizes and final draw as more friends are invited to enjoy the lovely Danette xmas experience. Currently running on Danette 1.4 fan Facebook page”

Screenshots & description crédits : KRDS