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Renault – Fan Gateway – 2012 KRDS (Facebook PMD)

I leaded this small project as head of the Sparks business Unit

“THE BRIEF: KRDS has designed a tab on behalf of Renault car maker which wished to improve its Facebook exposure for marketing purposes.  

THE SOLUTION: The tab is all-about-Renault  must-like for Renault fans:  it functions as a key entry point to comprehensive social updates. Content directories revolve around local and topic-based themed fanpages and feeds. The tab refreshes compounded figure of global social proof by market. It displays worldwide fan figures by country on a user-friendly world map.

OUTSIDE THE BOX APPROACH:  Gateway has been designed to gives access to all Renault fanpage portfolio – such as Renault 4 for nostalgic fans, Sustainable Mobility for e-cologic fans and Sport F1 for motorsport addicted fans. On top of that the tab is also pulling in feed streams from most popular social networks : youtube channel, Instagram, Twitter and Flickr.”

Screenshots & description crédits : KRDS