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Scorpio Scandalous – 2012 – KRDS (Facebook PMD)

The brand image of the Henkel perfume Scorpio stands for a mysterious world of passion and seduction. As a project manager, I fully prototyped and leaded the development of tailor-made concept to fit the brand message. “Scandalous” extravagant app aimed to disclose and unearth fans’ romances details to reveal personal “appeal and seduction powers.” The app mechanic was simple but treacherous : users could choose their past love partners among their Facebook friends and say where and when they had sexual intercourses with them! The were also able to pack it with juicy details on a comment box. The alledged past partner was then sent a Facebook invitation to confirm the relation, and prove that the intimacy unveiled really happened (or not!) …. If the date was validated  then the user reporting it would earn points. A gamification system was also set up in order to allow users to unlock badges and show off romantic overtures and mate-selection patterns! A great way to share collection of romances and activities on the dating scene, especially for serial lovers and scorpio behaviours ! The more validated encounters the more points were accumulated in the hope to travel to Ibiza for free with 3 friends.