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SNCF |  “Il n’y a pas de petite incivilité” – 2012 – KRDS (Facebook PMD)

In 2012 I conceived, fully prototyped and leaded the development of the  “Il n’y a pas de petite incivilité” (There is no little incivility) campaign from French railway company SNCF – created by agency TBWA & Napoléon. The campaign aimed to bring attention to the fight against common incivilities. In Paris Gare de Lyon travellers come across a huge green mint wad of chewing gum and were able to  take a picture of themselves glued to it. A professional photographer with a dropbox-connected camera was taking the pictures, that were retrieved dynamically and posted into a facebook photo gallery. Users would receive them by email automatically and were able to vote for the best pictures and share them.

Results : 600KG less gum each month (!), thousands of pictures taken, hundred of thousands of views, many press releases.

Video crédit : SNCF
Screenshots crédits : KRDS