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Tag Heuer | Link Lady – 2012 – KRDS (Facebook PMD)

TAG Heuer has briefed the agency on a Facebook app to promote latest Link Lady trilogy. As a project manager I conceived and leaded the develoment of an app that intends to tease users on the elegant yet versatile choices of the luxury timepiece. A stainless steel question mark tickles users to dive into the app and discover what goes on … underneath. Fans are taken away by the vertical scrolling journey : the background has been left simple and understated so that to highlight the vertical happenings. The flow boasts with some cool effects that add dynamics and enliven navigation with original parallax scrolling. Vertically moving foreground, in-depth pseudo 3D effects, dancing floating chain and unchain, compose and decompose the luxury triology – bracelet, watch and ring – worn by brand ambassador Cameron Diaz’s sensual arm. Animation takes users to an entry form to discover the triology preview starring Cameron Diaz and a chance to become the happy owner of beautiful TAG Heuer Link Lady. Reverse up-scrolling takes users up to app start.

Video & screenshot crédits : KRDS