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Ubisoft – Bwaaaanique sur la Banquise – 2012 – KRDS (Facebook PMD)

Christmas time is advent calendar time and Raving Rabbids are still not behaving! This time round they have captured Father Christmas on this funky Advent Calendar KRDS app on behalf of Ubisoft France. As a head of innovation, I leaded this project were  fans were given until xmas to free Santa. From December 1st to 24th users played games where one should read a riddle and then find in the huge landscape the character the question was referring to…. Superbunny, Raymaninho or Rayman itself.  Rabbids went DAAAAAAAGH when a correct answer was found and each right answer would unlock a key and/or a digital gift. If the user managed to collect all the 4 keys, Santa would then be free to go in order to deliver all presents on time for xmas eve!          The app is particularly well thought and designed by KRDS creative teams. Its enchanting Winter scenes and Rabbids jokes are successfully engaging fans on French Raving Rabbids’ fanpage 

Results : 19000 Players, 150 000 games played, 4.1 Millions open graph displayed (in 23 days).

Screenshots & video crédits : KRDS