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William Peel – Rodeo Ness – 2012 (KRDS, Facebook PMD)

Another amazing William Peel app to celebrate Scottish heritage with Facebook fans. After the “Flying Cooooow” success,  it’s time for Rodeo Ness, a Facebook contest centered once more on Scottish/Gaelic athletic Highland Games. Cow-tossers are now indulging in a new exciting rodeo-like full flash game by KRDS – on an original idea by Change Agency ! I leaded the project as head of innovation business unit “Sparks”.

Fans were required to ride a kilted highlander on the most famous Loch Ness inhabitant for as long as possible. Players had to keep their balance by managing keyboard arrows, while Nessie swaggers around Scotland’s landscape and distinct geography. Contestants had to negotiate Nessie’s extravagant ride and hazards events: jumping to avoid plunging, catching gosthly appearances to become temporary unsinkable…. Masters of Nessie Rodeo Art are entered into general ranking in hope of winning a trip to Dunoon Scotland, to experience Highland Games first hand !

Rodeo Ness was a tailored game concept on Facebook that successfully connected fans with the brand and its heritage.

Screenshots crédits : KRDS