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Yves Rocher – Miss Make Up Days – 2012 KRDS (Facebook PMD)

As head of the Sparksbusiness unit, I participated to prototyping and leaded the development of this innovative app that reached over 2M impressions !

BRIEFING: During the month of october, 2012 Yves Rocher set up ephemeral make-up events in its high street stores: clients could sit for free make-up sessions, for a truly relooking glamour experience. The brand wished to communicate the concept on Facebook. By making use of its social presence Yves Rocher wanted to extend the reach of the campaign to serve more women across countries.  

SOLUTION: KRDS designed Miss Make Up Days photo contest app and launched it in 8 countries: Germany, Mexico, Russia, France, The Netherlands, Ukraina Portugal and Spain. On the app fans were prompted to watch videos and drive inspiration from “ultra violet”, “smokey colour”, “copper shade”s make-up looks. Fans would  wear up their ultimate look, pose on a picture and posts creation of their own beautiful work of art. 10 most voted pictures were entered into a final draw to enjoy a free relooking session. In addition to regular photo submission features fans could customize profile and cover pictures branded Yves Rocher for additional app viral value.

PERFORMANCE: App soon reached over 20K active users for more than 80k votes in the countries involved. Viralness engineering of the app issued over 2M branded impressions with user’s friends.

Screenshots & Description crédits : KRDS